In this summary of the OurDoctor Youtube Video we discuss the “G -spot.” What is it? And more importantly, where is it? So why is it called the G -spot? Ernst Graffenberg coined the term in the 1950s, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that doctors credited his name to the zone, calling it the Graffenberg spot, or G -spot for short.

The erogenous area of the vagina is approximately an inch or so on the upper vaginal wall. And it’s the most sexually sensitive part of the vagina. During arousal, basal congestion occurs and blood flow causes an increased vaginal secretions to increase and swelling of the bodily tissues.

At its swelling point, an orgasm triggers fluid release from the skin’s gland in the urethra. In some people, the stimulation of this area causes them to either ejaculate or produce more lubrication than usual.

If a woman suffers from low sex drive, a doctor may prescribe a basal dilator like Viagra, Sildenafil, Tadalafil, or Cialis to help increase the blood flow. Although this hasn’t been FDA approved for women, those who tried Sildenafil noticed increased sensitivity and stimulation, causing them to become more aroused.

So the most important question is, where is the G -spot? Truth be told, finding the G -spot may require some trial and error to find, but the following techniques will improve the odds. You can try different types of stimulation such as hard, soft, vibrating, or stroking.

Or try using a curved sex toy designed for the G -spot. Or explore different sexual positions for better access to the area. Also, try applying pressure and stimulation to several different areas on the inside of the vagina.

You’ll soon find out what feels exemplary. How can I simulate my G -spot? Start by locating the clitoris or its roots which extend into the wall of the vagina. Use your fingers, your partner’s fingers, or maybe even a toy and press or rub the vaginal area with the G -spot.

solid and steady thrust. Good technique is to also explore the G -spot on your own. Since the area can be sensitive and stimulation can be intense, it may be easier for a person to find a comfortable rhythm when they have complete control.

Now keep in mind any body part can be an erogenous zone and every person’s response to touch varies. Some females enjoy the stimulation of the breast or nipples whereas others prefer stimulation on the clitoris or in the vagina.

The key here is open communication and a willingness to experiment with helping to discover new erogenous zones and types of pleasure. So what are the best sex positions to stimulate the G -spot? It is essential to know that not all sex positions are equal not when stimulating the G -spot.

Our doctor recommends trying these three positions to hit the G -spot for maximum pleasure. The first one, missionary. This is a favorite position and an excellent option for G -spot stimulation. Experiment with different pelvic angles during the encounter to see what’s most enjoyable for you.

Also, try experimenting by either opening and closing your legs during penetration as you may find added feelings of pleasure and correct depth for better G -spot stimulation. The second, rear entry position, also known to some as doggy style.

This position is a favorite of both men and women. The position is defined as one partner being penetrated from behind by the other while on their hands and knees. Try changing the height and angle of axis while in the position, such as switching from being on your hands and knees to laying down flatter on your belly.

The third, straddle position, also known to some as cowgirl. This position is when a man lays on his back with his legs straight while the other partner straddles them. Women like this position as it gives them more control over locating the G -spot.

Due to the ability to control the speed, angle and depth during this position, it is one of the most popular sex positions. Do men have G -spots as well? Absolutely. It’s the prostate. However, compared to the female G -spot, the male G -spot or prostate is a small organ that can provide pleasure.

It is located internally between the base of the penis and the rectum. The skin or embryological tissue in the females is very similar to that in males, as the sensitive skin helps the private areas expand during the stimulating encounter.

In general, people’s response to G -spot stimulation vary. Some state that they could not find the G -spot or don’t even believe that they have one. Others may find stimulation of the area painful or unpleasant while others find motivation with other forms of foreplay.

Some women who struggle with G -spot stimulation do what’s called a collagen G -shot. The G -shot is a small organ that can be used to control the g -spot. injection of collagen filler placed inside the vagina wall and inserted into the G -spot.

This procedure may restore sensitivity and sexual stimulation to the G -spot. Other procedures include laser vaginal rejuvenation or G -spot amplification and vaginal reconstruction surgery. If you wish to know more about any of these topics, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to get your questions answered.

The last thing I want to discuss is the skin glands. The skin glands are on either side of the urethra. In women, the skin’s glands are the lesser vestibular glands and in men, they are the prostate glands.

Researchers say these glands may secrete fluid that helps with urination and cleanliness. They may also function for sexual intercourse, possibly providing the fluid for female ejaculation. Squirting is a regular occurrence and usually occurs in women who have experienced multiple orgasms.

Squirting is an occurrence that common and controllable for some women. Please note that this is not peeing, it’s female ejaculation, just like a man having an orgasm. I hope I was able to explain the G spot to you.

However, there’s still so much more to know. If you have any questions or want to learn more about OurDoctor visit today.