Minimizing Risk and Increasing Customer Confidence
Secure Medical, a pioneer in telemedicine for lifestyle medications, understands the necessity of projecting a trusted brand. “There are a lot of companies in our industry that aren’t reputable,” says CEO Kyle Rao. “I want to ensure our customers feel safe and comfortable using our technology.”

He said that reassuring clients about the security of their payment information is an essential component of this. That requires adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). “We receive many calls from customers asking if it’s safe to order with their credit card information,” Rao said. “I need to be able to tell them we are PCI compliant.”

In addition to attaining PCI compliance to improve the client experience, Secure Medical needed to locate a provider to assist them with removing sensitive data from their systems. Rao said, “We were storing credit card numbers in our databases, which was a clear and present security issue.”

Enhanced Compliance and Responsive Support
Secure Medical became PCI compliant by deploying TokenEx, which minimized the dangers of keeping sensitive credit card data on its systems. Rao says, “We improve our security by not holding actual credit card information. Instead, we hold useless tokens to any attacker attempting to breach our protections.”

Furthermore, Secure Medical has benefited from reduced time spent on PCI compliance activities. “Our PCI footprint was substantially reduced when implementing TokenEx,” Rao says. “This streamlined many of our business practices and freed up people and resources dedicated to PCI-related tasks.”

Secure Medical additionally likes TokenEx’s response to technical inquiries. “TokenEx is really on top of it regarding technical support,” Rao said. They are highly responsive when there is an issue, which is crucial for our success.”

How Secure Medical Uses TokenEx
Secure Medical uses the Tokenization Services API to submit sensitive credit card data to TokenEx. TokenEx saves the data and returns a non-sensitive token to Secure Medical. Secure Medical retains the token rather than the credit card number, keeping sensitive information out of its systems.

When Secure Medical needs to charge a customer, they send the customer’s token to TokenEx. TokenEx detokenizes the payment information before sending it to Secure Medical’s payment processor via the TokenEx Transparent Gateway or TokenEx Payment Services.

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