Celebrating over 2.5 Million Prescriptions Since 1999

The new age of technology has trailblazed a path through which telemedicine has developed rapidly. At Secure Medical, we have used this technology to streamline the ability to obtain much-needed lifestyle medications by patients across the United States.

We have helped to eliminate the stigma surrounding these products and created an environment that people feel comfortable to order the products they need.

  • Ordering lifestyle medication online has never been this easy

The Secure Medical Telemedicine Model

Secure Medical helps both new and seasoned physician practices position themselves for long-term, independent success. We believe that through collaboration, physician groups gain the necessary business intelligence and resources to amass size and scope.

An independence model is an option for physician groups that want to remain independent and avoid merging or selling. We help you thrive and secure your practice’s future.

Secure Medical’s telemedicine solution for lifestyle products was created to deliver a full suite of tightly integrated business practices tailored specifically for patients, doctors, and enterprises.

Secure Medical is the proven leader in fostering a doctor-patient relationship and facilitating superior practice performance. At Secure Medical, we’re dedicated to the independent practice of our doctors and believe that strength in numbers through affiliation yields desired outcomes for companies, patients, and the doctors themselves

Lifestyle products have always been something that people generally don’t like to discuss, yet everyone needs. The beauty of this phenomena is that it creates a perfect environment for telemedicine and independent practices to thrive.

Customer discretion is a key factor in ordering prescription medications, especially with lifestyle or “so-called” embarrassment medications.

So being able to obtain products discreetly through the internet provides the perfect solution to this intricate challenge.

Many people struggle to find time to make it to their local pharmacy to pick up a prescription or product, so having the ability to order it online provides an innovative way for people to maintain their medications and health products without the obligation to visit a local pharmacy. Mobile phone options are only further compounding this program.