Providing healthcare for your employees!

With insurance premiums rising every day, it’s becoming more and more difficult for business owners to find quality healthcare for their employees. Last year alone the average cost for company-sponsored healthcare ranged about $3100 a year, per employee. The increasing costs of covering your employees can see most business owners forgoing healthcare coverage all-together.

Luckily, there are new options available for the fledgling business owners out there looking to provide healthcare options to their employees.

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Online consultations are becoming more and more frequent now as technology grows

  • Convenient access to care for your employees
  • Over 25 Conditions Treated
  • Your Businesses Health care costs are reduced
  • Little to no wait time for medical attention
  • Telemedicine Offers Less Time Off Work for Doctor Visits
  • Your Employees Can See a Doctors in Less Than 2 Hours
  • Your Employees Can Make an Appointment 24/7
  • Mobile Platform Supported

Your Employees Can See a Doctor By Phone In 2 Hours

Common conditions treated through online consultations with one of our licensed physicians, See the doctor for the following symptoms:

Cold & Flu
Joint Aches & Pains
Minor Pediatric Ailments
Pink Eye
Sinus conditions
Skin Inflammations
Small Wound
Sore Throat
Sports Injuries
Urinary Tract Infection

Telemedicine for Small Business Video

What Makes Us Different

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013 saw a total of 922.6 million individual doctor visits. The most frequent reasons for these visits involved coughing, while the most commonly diagnosed condition was essential hypertension, or high blood pressure.

About 53.2% of these visits were made to primary care physicians, the remaining visits involved emergency rooms, urgent care, and walk-in clinics.

While primary and urgent care centers play an important role in the healthcare system, they come with a variety of drawbacks, from commutes to long wait times to congested waiting rooms. Combining this with many people’s inability to afford health insurance means many conventional, in-person physicians are inaccessible.

Having the ability to consult a doctor 24/7 can be a blessing, especially for those located in remote areas. If you could pay a small fee to see if you should go to urgent care and fork out hundreds, would you? How do you know if your son or daughter is genuinely sick? A quick consultation with one of our professionals can be all you need–saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary medical bills, even with coverage.

We have Health Plans available for employers to outfit their employees with, reducing medical coverage costs vastly, while still maintaining peak medical care for enrolled employees. We offer several Health plans to tailor to any business’s needs.

With real-time access to doctors for treatment of both specific and non-specific medical conditions.

We aim to provide the best experience through mobile support and online prescriptions as well. Our doctors studied at prestigious institutions all around the globe, from Columbia University to Harvard.