Hi, I’m Kyle, President and CEO of Secure Medical. Secure Medical is a telemedicine and health awareness organization that has served millions of customers since 1998.

I want to share my experience with JA Inspire and our collaboration with OurDoctor.com. While searching for a credible organization for donation, We were happy to find the Junior Achievement of Arizona, as they do so much for our Youth today.

Having 2 Children of my own who are Junior achievement members and knowing several teachers around the valley who support JA Inspire, I knew I’d found the proper organization.

Knowing that Junior Achievement of Arizona has served more than 3 million students over 65 years is quite an incredible endeavor.

Running a business can be tricky at times, as many employees need those critical skills to succeed in the workplace. Supporting and educating students to get ready for the workforce is a no-brainer and must be done for our future leaders.

These leaders will soon be settling into a career path or even taking an entrepreneurial step to start their own business, just as I’ve done.

Here at Secure Medical, we operate several companies, including eDrugstore and Bidrx.com, where millions of Americans can obtain Prescription medications for a fraction of the price of going locally. Who wants to worry about these costs when everything is so expensive?

Because of this, I knew Ourdoctor.com was the right company to get in front of students who need medical and behavioral care, especially those without insurance plans or health care benefits.

For those students who visit our booth, you’ll get to see precisely why Ourdoctor is the #1 service for your health needs, and if you need a Job, we are currently hiring.

To conclude, I highly recommend volunteering. If you’re new to JA’s programs, it is an excellent way to give back to local businesses and the Community. They will provide the lessons and materials needed so you may share your personal experiences with students.

Thank you, JA Inspire; I’m super impressed with your free online programs, including JA Biztown and Finance Park, and all the events you put on for your members.

I’m happy that Ourdoctor.com will be there alongside your students to do what suits our Community.