USA Doctors & VIPPS Certified Pharmacies:

Secure Medical is a US-based corporation that only works with US-licensed doctors and pharmacists. When you place your order, you can be assured that you will always receive authentic, FDA-approved medications produced in a US facility. While purchasing prescription medications from Secure Medical is 100% safe, we never recommend dealing with foreign companies that operate outside of the United States. In the majority of cases, these companies are selling counterfeit medications that could put your health at risk.

Name Brand Prescription Medications:

Our US-licensed VIPPS Certified Pharmacy partners only dispense authentic, FDA-approved medications. You can always be assured that you are receiving brand-name medications manufactured in the United States. In fact, every pill we sell is purchased through a reputable pharmaceutical wholesaler located in the US or obtained directly from the manufacturer. That means that when you order from Secure Medical, you’re getting the same medication you could get at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS or your local pharmacy.

American TeleMedicine Association (ATA)

Established and Headquartered in Washington, DC in 1993, the ATA started as a non-profit organization. The American Telemedicine Association has led the industry of advanced remote medical technologies while supporting international and national institutions in this field. ATA has a diverse membership that works to integrate telemedicine into existing and newly developed healthcare systems in order to adopt resiliently seamless and affordable healthcare on a global scale. Membership is available for individuals, institutions and companies with a desire to promote and deploy telemedicine worldwide. The ATA Board of Directors is nominated for election by the association’s membership.

The ATA has a mission is to promote and provide professional, ethical and sustainable improvement in support of health care through information technology and telecommunications. The following objectives are part of our mission: – Educating and engaging government and the public about telemedicine. – Providing a vast array of information and services for its membership and the public. – Channeling Collaboration in medicine and technology to interested parties. – Promoting Education, Research and Innovation. – Developing and establishing policies and standards. – Ensuring monetary support for the associations objectives. – Creating awareness and providing support.

Secure Medical has been a corporate member and supporter of the ATA since 2004.


In 1912 the National Vigilance Committee was formed to monitor the accuracy of regional and national advertising. It was 1916 when they changed their name to the “Better Business Bureaus” to adhere to a larger set of business standards that included many aspects of business practices. The BBB has helped people make smarter decisions by following recommendations supported by the BBB. Business members must follow a tradition of high business standards of trust, integrity and compliance.

BBB Members must adhere to and follow a strict set of business standards of conduct in order to maintain the highest rating.

BBB has established ethical business behavior standards and reviews and monitors compliance issues. Almost 400,000 Accredited Businesses are expected to follow a set of high standards with an even higher commitment level.

BBB has aggregated more than 4 million business reviews to help consumers identify businesses that can and can’t be trusted.

BBB sets standards for evaluating several thousand advertisements each year, so that people can be assured truthful advertising.

Secure Medical has been an A+ BBB ACCREDITED BUSINESS SINCE 7/21/2005


IDology’s ExpectID® uses a patent pending process and technology to validate and verify the age and current address from potential toll-free and online customers. This process enables access to thousands of data points and from public records to reach a favorable result of an ID validation. This service is optimally designed to validate and protect the validator’s identity while maintaining individual consumer privacy when processing transactions.

View the Secure Medical – IDology case study.

PCI Compliant:

PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was founded by the major credit card companies to serve as a guideline to support organizations from credit card fraud and various security issues. Any business that uses credit card processing, storage and transmits card numbers have to be PCI DSS compliant, or they may risk defaulting on their ability to process payments with credit cards. PCI DSS was started and created by VISA, MasterCard, American Express and JCB.

HIPAA Compliance:

Notice of Privacy Practices is issued to each Patient by one of our network Pharmacies on their first order. Privacy and Confidential records are secure and protected using the most advanced data encryption available.

McAfee Secure:

McAfee solutions were established to deliver large scale virus protection and Internet security. McAfee anti-virus and anti-spyware software enable protection for businesses customers against the latest online threats.

No links found for malware and malicious attacks: Web Sites that exhibit malware and malicious links can install software on website visitors’ computers to steal their private or sensitive information.

Not Google Blacklisted: Websites on a Google blacklist would not get listed in Google’s search results.

Not a Phishing Website: Phishing websites are fake sites that pretend to be real and legitimate, all the while trying to force website users into typing in their password and username.

Not an Attack Website: Software code Hackers often create attack websites to host and disperse malicious software.

Not a Compromised Website: Legitimate Websites can get compromised by software Hackers so they can include contact from attack websites.

GoDaddy Secure:

Secure Medical uses GoDaddy’s SSL Certificate which encrypts sensitive data that users submit to our site – examples are credit card numbers and passwords so that intruders or hackers will not be able to read it. GoDaddy certificates can be issued quickly in a few minutes in most cases straight through to your hosting account. Not only can GoDaddy support unlimited servers, but they can also show you the advantage of using their remarkable SHA-2 and 2048-bot encryption.


The WebTrust service comprises of a collection of assurance services developed for e-commerce-based platforms and receiving an unqualified assurance report would enable the business to display a WebTrust Seal and supporting report on the client’s website. The WebTrust collection of branded assurance services contains the following, used in the context of e-commerce based systems;

WebTrust Online Privacy: The extent for an assurance arrangement includes the pertinent online privacy principle and specification.

WebTrust Consumer Protection: The extent of the assurance arrangement includes processing trust and pertinent online privacy principles and specifications.

WebTrust: The extent of the assurance arrangement includes several combinations of the principles and specification not anticipated above.

WebTrust for Certification Authorities: The extent of the assurance arrangement includes the Principles and related specifications unique to certification authorities.