In this summary of the OurDoctor YouTube channel video “This Masturbation Device Can Help Stop Premature Ejaculation” we’ll be discussing how you may keep your sex life rocking even after turning 50 and beyond! Intimacy is a lovely aspect of human connection that we may all experience at any age, whether you’re in a committed partnership, making new connections, or living alone.

Some persons frequently experience alterations in their sexual experiences, including numbness in the genitalia. Although it’s possible that not everyone would share this, there are a few potential causes:

1. Reduced Blood Flow: Blood flow to numerous bodily areas, including the vaginal area, may decline as we age. This may result in a loss of sensitivity and make it harder to feel the same intensity of feeling as before. 

Consult your physician, as this may be caused by a decrease in blood flow, including lower testosterone levels, or other linked disorders, including high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis, which are clogged blood arteries. Alternatively, consider reducing your weight and exercising more frequently to see if anything changes.

2. Hormonal Changes: Hormones are essential for maintaining good sexual health. Hormone changes are possible as we age, including a drop in estrogen and testosterone in both men and women. These hormonal changes may impact libido and genital sensitivity. Hair loss or brittle nails, melancholy, anxiety, mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, or even sexual dysfunction, including lack of desire, are significant signs to watch out for. 

Your ovaries may not produce enough estrogen and progesterone if you’re a woman over 50. These elements are a strong indicator that you might be going through menopause, along with a change in the typical pattern of your cycles.

3. Nerve Function: Nerves are essential for carrying pleasure and sensation messages to and from our genital area. Nerve sensitivity may decline, impacting how we perceive touch and pleasure. The cerebral cortex, a crucial area of your neurological system involved in reasoning, decreases during sexual activity as we age. Your pelvic region, which includes your external genitalia and anus, receives sensations from your body’s motor and sensory parts, known as the Pudendal nerve. 

After age 50, pudendal nerve degeneration can cause pain and interfere with one’s ability to enjoy sex.  

Be aware that one of your symptoms may be an inability to control your physical functions. 

4. Medications and Medical disorders: Genital numbness can also be caused by medical conditions and medications that worsen as we age. For instance, drugs intended to treat long-term health problems may have unwanted effects interfering with sexual desire. Your sexual performance may be impacted by several medications you take to treat issues like high blood pressure, Peyronie’s disease, renal disease, atherosclerosis, heart or blood vessel disease, and diabetes. 

For men, your doctor might recommend drugs like Viagra or Cialis, and for women, Addyi or even a modest dose of sildenafil. Consult your doctor to determine which prescription drugs might be right for you.

5. Psychological aspects: Our mental and emotional health might affect how we perceive sexuality. It can be more difficult to enjoy sexual activity when arousal and sensitivity are affected by stress, worry, and other psychological issues. Lowering your stress levels while elevating your attitude and self-confidence is crucial. Additionally, keep your thoughts fresh and minimize distractions. It’s critical to put your spouse first, take in the present, and stop worrying about the outside world.

So let’s get started with some dos and don’ts for having sex beyond 50 to make sure both you and your partner have a good time.

What to Do:

Prioritize Communication: The basis of any healthy sexual connection is open and honest communication. Discuss your desires, boundaries, and any potential worries with your spouse. This fosters a secure environment where you may openly express yourself and get to know one another better.

Maintain Your Physical Activity: Regular exercise positively impacts your sexual health. It enhances blood flow, increases energy, and maintains your body robust and flexible. Find an activity you like, whether walking, swimming, or yoga, and start moving!

Experiment and learn: You can try new things in the bedroom or anywhere you feel at ease, regardless of age. Be willing to try out various methods, positions, and even fantasies. 

Couples’ sex toys can increase fun and excitement in new ways. These products stimulate and enhance the erogenous zones, which might result in more pleasurable encounters. For couples who want more stimulation and arousal during sex, this full silicone vibrating toy is fantastic. If the band is too short for certain men, consider stretching it out by wrapping it around a glass before wearing it. 

Gentlemen, give that over to us women; most like to control the vibrations with the supplied remote control.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and be truthful with your spouse when introducing sex toys. After using your toys, always wash them in warm, soapy water. 

Nitric Oxide: Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring substance essential for dilating blood vessels. 

By signaling an essential chemical in your body, our natural product may increase blood flow, improve arousal, and enhance sexual responsiveness. Beets and dark chocolate are two foods that increase nitric oxide levels. 

Maintaining a healthy weight and remaining physically active enhance nitric oxide generation. You should always consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions, such as heart disease or kidney function, even though most people will only take a small quantity of nitric oxide daily.  

The majority will gain from seeing evidence of youth, moisture, and radiant nourishment in their skin. Nitric oxide is sometimes called the “anti-aging molecule” since it promotes healthier cell activity, lowers blood pressure, and treats erectile dysfunction. 

Women’s V for: 

You already know that as you age, your sexual desire fluctuates over time and is frequently influenced by relationships, stress, or menopause. 

About 15% of women suffer from hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), which causes decreased sex drive. A prescription drug for HSDD requires a visit to your primary care physician. It differs from other prescription drugs like flibanserin, the main ingredient in Addyi, by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine levels to stimulate desire and arousal. The female Viagra is an excellent over-the-counter medication known as V for women.

V for Women is a supplement that boosts libido and promotes female sexual wellness. It combines natural components with customized blends, including vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. These pills are frequently designed to increase libido, energy, and general well-being. 

The recommended dosage is two capsules twice a day, preferably with food, one to two hours before physical exercise, or as a healthcare provider prescribes. You already know that as you age, your sexual desire fluctuates over time and is frequently influenced by relationships, stress, or menopause. 

Use Lubrication: Natural lubrication may diminish with age, making sex uncomfortable. If you want to make the encounter pleasurable and pleasant for both participants, don’t be afraid to use a water-based lubricant. Older women frequently experience vaginal dryness and changes in the size and shape of the vagina due to declining estrogen levels. Oils are advised for satisfying sex because the average age of menopause is 51. To restore natural lubrication, take additional vitamins, such as vitamins A, B, beta carotene, omega three fatty acids, and vitamin E. 

Concentrate on Emotional Connection: Being intimate isn’t just about getting physical gratification; it’s also about being emotionally connected. Spend time together outside the bedroom, take care of your emotional connection, and express your love and admiration for one another. You must be aware that men and women can both experience increased emotionality, depression, social isolation, and even dementia due to regular hormonal changes. 

You may be unduly critical, doubtful, or even paranoid about your relationship once you turn 50. It’s possible that your mutual trust has diminished, or you feel deceived. 

You can get over your feelings of jealousy by getting more sleep, implementing stress-relieving activities, taking vitamins, eating a nutritious diet, and taking specific medications as prescribed by your doctor. 

The Avoiding:

Don’t Ignore Health Concerns: It’s critical to discuss any underlying health issues or concerns with your healthcare professional. Taking steps to control diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis can improve sexual health. Sex therapy or couples counseling is easily accessible and can improve relationships if your concern is more emotional.

Avoid Comparison: Since every person’s sexual experience differs, comparing your own to others might cause unneeded pressure and disappointment. Accept your uniqueness and concentrate on what makes you and your relationship happy.

Don’t Rush: When becoming intimate, take your time. Rushing might make you angry and prevent your body from responding to desire appropriately. Enjoy the moment, and remember that quality is more important than quantity. Learn to relish kissing, holding hands, and other personal contact when sharing a bed. Consider waiting for penetration or searching for an orgasm while enjoying sensuality and exploring the different directions it might lead.

Avoid Assumptions: Don’t presume your partner shares your preferences or expectations. Communication is essential once more. To ensure that both parties feel heard and valued, be open to discussing your wants and desires.

Don’t Let Physical Changes Discourage You: Our bodies inevitably undergo changes as we age. Please recognize that these changes are a normal part of life and accept them. Instead of obsessing over perceived restrictions, concentrate on what you can do and what makes you feel good.

So enjoy the adventure of sexual closeness as you get older! The secrets to a successful and fulfilling sex life are communication, enjoyable exploration, and emotional connection. Age is just a number, and you can have unique experiences with your spouse if you have the appropriate attitude and approach. Enjoy the journey.

What are the best premature ejaculation treatments?

We can define premature ejaculation in several different ways. When various forms of stimulation sexually arouse a man, signals from the brain and penile nerves tell the blood vessels to relax.

Relaxation of the blood vessels causes them to fill with blood resulting in an erection. The mechanics for ejaculation are essentially the same among human males.

However, the time between arousal and ejaculation varies from man to man. It also depends on the sexually arousing situation in which the man is involved.

If the time between arousal and ejaculation is too short, it is typically considered premature ejaculation.

Best Premature Ejaculation Treatments

According to Clarissa Guerrero, you should provide your healthcare provider with as much information about your health as possible. Emotional stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues could lead to premature ejaculation.

Exercise helps with premature ejaculation in many ways. Different forms of exercise could help with premature ejaculation, including yoga, kegel exercises, and cardiovascular training.

Changing your diet may also help with premature ejaculation. Limiting time spent on foreplay during sex could also help.

The following are the best premature ejaculation solutions:

PE Kits

Premature Ejaculation (PE) Kits from OurDoctor offer swift treatment of the condition. They are designed for longevity and include cutting-edge products to help you last longer in bed.

Tadalafil 2.5MG is included in our prescription combo kits. Taken whenever necessary, it contains Tadalafil, the generic form of Cialis, a clinically proven product.

Male Enhancement Trainer

If you prefer the non-prescription route, consider the male enhancement trainer. It has varying vibrating settings to train men to last longer and perform better in bed.

Newer models are Bluetooth-compatible and have immediate results. One use may be enough to affect performance.

If you have any questions about premature ejaculation, please get in touch with one of our doctors at