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Zipnosis Provides Virtual Care in-person Interaction Telemedicine Platform Between Clinician and Patient.

Zipnosis is one of those names that, when you first hear it, you can hazard a guess about what they do based on it’s two root words. Only if you guessed speedy hypnosis would you be wrong. Zipnosis is actually a telemedicine startup delivering clinically appropriate diagnosis in the time it takes to hold a conversation. As in, for a zippy diagnosis, there’s Zipnosis.

Zipnosis’ white label virtual care platforms help private health systems launch their own virtual care service lines that they can then staff with their own clinicians. The startup’s ultimate goal is to help their clients maximize each clinician’s time while retaining clinical caliber outcomes. From the patient’s perspective, it would be like having a one-one-one talk with your family clinician, wherein they can gather all of the necessary information for a diagnosis and provide treatment options, including most types of prescriptions or references.

“Our platform is designed to enable health systems to expand access to immediate care using their own clinicians,” Jon Pearce, co-founder and CEO of Zipnosis, said in a statement. “With Zipnosis, health systems have an opportunity to care for more patients under their own brand name and without adding staff. Patients are happier to be ‘seen’ sooner without having to step foot outside their home or go to a waiting room.”

As Zipnosis further explains, they are making it possible for health systems to glide through each of the clinical, marketing, compliance and operations workflows securely online. The software lines up with the health system’s current digital record vault and patient portal, allowing them to treat existing pateint, or onboard new patients. Plus, Zipnosis can be customized and proprietary-branded, so it seamlessly connects to the health system’s brick-and-mortar practice.

During its Series A financing round, Zipnosis managed to raise an astounding $17 million toward speeding up product development. Zipnosis provides its current telemedicine offering to 17 health care systems, which include Fairview Health Services, University of Alabama-Birmingham, Group Health and John Muir Health.