With US lawmakers attempting to repeal Obamacare, or the Affordable Healthcare Act, some women fear that their access to birth control may become limited. However, a new startup named Nurx (pronounced “NewRX”) is hoping to dash these fears away with their online birth control prescribing and shipping service. Essentially, Nurx is attempting to do to birth control what companies like 1-800 Contacts did for contacts.

Signing up and getting started on Nurx is incredibly simple. The user just downloads the free Nurx app and signs up for their free account. After the user has an account, the user just fills out a simple questionnaire that includes a few medical history questions, enters into a text-chat with a licensed doctor and is then prescribed their birth control. Not long afterward, the user is shipped a package that includes the user’s birth control method. Another really helpful aspect of Nurx’s system is that after the prescription is written, the user is then able to send messages to Nurx’s doctors if they have any medical questions. More importantly, for many people with insurance, this entire process is free, as Nurx does not include any delivery fees and does not charge for the initial consultation. This is a far cry from some of their birth control delivery competitors like PRJKT Ruby which charges $20 per month for their service

However, prospective users must keep in mind that Nurx is not able to deliver to every state. Currently, they are able to deliver to Washington, New York, Washington D.C., Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania and California. However, this is a feat as Nurx only employs 20 people and 5 doctors and was only established a year ago. Regardless of the Nurx’s age, it is gaining capital thanks to the fees that they charge the independent pharmacies that fill their prescriptions and a $5.2 million investment made by Union Square Ventures. With this said, if access to birth control tightens, businesses like Nurx are bound to encounter an increase in business.