Telehealth uses digital information and communication technologies to access health care services and manage your health care remotely. This is through computers and smartphones to access technological platforms like video conferencing. The platforms enable the doctor to schedule meetings and consultations with the patient.

Asthma is a respiratory condition that causes inflammation in your airwaves and narrows them, causing mucus production. This causes breathing difficulties which may lead to frequent asthma attacks.

Managing this condition requires constant health care, consultations with the doctors, and routine checkups. The use of telehealth in asthma treatment is convenient and saves time. The recent Covid-19 outbreak also strengthened the use of telehealth as a mitigation measure to reduce physical contact. This resulted in embracing the use of technology in communication.

In this case, there are two types of telehealth; telemonitoring and Telemanagement. The two have been most beneficial in asthma treatment. Telemonitoring involves transmitting data such as vital signs and treatment documentation that bears information tracking current symptoms and adherence to treatment. Telemanagement involves a virtual consultation with your doctor; in this process, they assess how the medication is fairing and identify possible gaps that need to be corrected.

Health professionals use various platforms to facilitate telehealth. These platforms may include applications, software, or video conferencing facilities like google meet or zoom.

Advantages of Using Telehealth for Asthma

  • Health professionals are more accessible. It is convenient for routine follow-up appointments, refill of prescriptions, questions about inhalers or medication, and increased asthma symptoms.
  • It lowers the cost of services offered.
  • It reduces time travel.
  • Has reduced Covid-19 infections in people with asthma, considering the virus affects people with underlying conditions.

The provision of telehealth has come in to help and advance how people access healthcare. Telehealth has shown effectiveness in asthma treatment. This is achieved with the cooperation of the patient and the health professionals. The process has also demonstrated the ability to have access to medical care easily.