In the advent of telemedicine and telehealth services, most people are still not sure about which particular illnesses require the attention of an online doctor and which ones require an actual physical visit to the physician. American Well doctors can treat you for numerous health issues online, but there are certain conditions that are most preferred for this method of treatment. These conditions include:

1. Sinus Infection

This condition is one of those that can be effectively treated by an online doctor. Patients with this illness will exhibit symptoms such as allergies, a severe cold and teeth and face pain. These discomforts indicate that you have a sinus infection that is the most common disease that our doctors at American Well treat. The tricky part is determining whether the condition is bacterial or viral. If it is bacterial, you will need antibiotics to control it. Nevertheless, you will still need the opinion of an experienced physician to ascertain what exactly the cause is.

2. Common Cold

This condition is known as an upper respiratory infection in the medical term, but it is just a common cold to most people. Despite the fact that it is common, and most people can self-prescribe the medication, it is still crucial to consult an online doctor and find out whether there is another underlying serious condition. The doctor will also verify whether the home treatment you are taking is the appropriate for the condition.

3. Bronchitis

The symptoms of this condition exhibit themselves through a persistent cough. Apparently, bronchitis is quite common and mostly occurs if a person has a cold or suffers from other respiratory infection. Notably also, most people do not treat this condition properly at home that makes it worse and difficult to treat once they seek a doctor’s attention. Patients are supposed to consult a doctor so that they can prescribe for you an antibiotic in case the condition was triggered by a bacterial infection or an inhaler if it is more severe. That way, you will be on the safe side.

4. Urinary Tract Infection

Those who have suffered from a Urinary Tract Infection before are aware of how painful and unsettling it can make you feel. Research shows that a person who has had one of these infections before is highly susceptible to getting it again in the future. Therefore, you should seek medical attention urgently and begin a specialized antibiotics treatment so that you can get cured quickly.

5. Sore Throat

A medical term for this condition is pharyngitis. This common illness could either be triggered by a virus such as a flu or and it could also be as a result of a strep throat. To get an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment, you will need the input of a qualified doctor.

6. Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

The most common symptom of this condition is getting discolored eyeballs. A severe case of conjunctivitis can make you value your bright eyes more as they will turn to an unusual pink color hence the name pink eye. This condition can affect anybody, but it is most common among children. It can also be easily transmitted to other healthy people which is why you should contact the doctors immediately and start undertaking treatment.

7. Upset Stomach

An upset stomach can restrict your movements and detain you at home whether it has been occasioned by food poisoning, norovirus or gastritis. It is only a doctor who can diagnose the exact cause of the ailment and prescribe for you the right medication. Regardless of the cause of your symptoms, however, it is crucial that you stay hydrated.

8. Flu

When you miss getting your routine flu vaccine, you have a high risk of falling sick when the season comes. Flu infections intensify from around October until the end of spring. However, people can still get the flu at any other time in the course of the year. Since flu is usually diagnosed according to one’s symptoms and their exposure to the causative virus, the best method to use while treating the condition is by telemedicine. That way, there will be a minimized risk of spreading it to other patients in the hospital, as well as the doctor.

9. Allergies

The typical symptoms of allergies or hay fever or allergic rhinitis as it is also known are sniffling and sneezing. It can be necessary to see a doctor because of your allergies if it is the first time you are experiencing them, if they are worsening or if they are interfering with your productivity at work.

10. Skin Wound or Rash

Regardless of the cause for a skin wound or an unsightly rash, self-diagnosing it can be a challenge. There can be confusion as to whether the symptoms are as a result of an ongoing healing process or a new infection. A doctor will be in a better position to recommend an appropriate treatment for you if they see the rash or wound.