Recently, the US Department of Health and Human Services launched two self-diagnostic over-the-counter influenza test kits. This recent development came about after people complained about recurrent bouts of flu despite taking medication to suppress it.

BARDA, under the management of ASPR, developed this battery-powered and disposable kit to allow people to test for flu from the comfort of their homes. Once the test comes out positive, then it will be easy for any clinician or pharmacist to prescribe the most appropriate medications.

The research company has made an allocation of 14 million dollars to Cue Health and 10 dollar Diassess to oversee the establishment of Influenza type A and B viruses’ diagnostic tests to be purchased without a prescription.

About the kit

The device contains a nucleic acid amplification that almost performs the same function as in clinical or public health labs. The user will be required to take a nose swab, stirring it into a tube, then connect the tube to the testing device. With this pocket-friendly kit, the user will be able to read the test samples in cartridges that can be disposed and get the results in 25 minutes.

According to the developer, this device features a personalized mobile dashboard that records the test results and sends a telemedicine and prescription services.

Once it turns out positive, the user can qualify for telemedicine consultation and prescription through their phones. The clinician will have the authority to send a prescription plus other preventive measures to ensure the persons stay in good health after that various health departments receive the alerts to warn them of outbreaks or pandemics and provide suggestions to solve the problem before it becomes worse. Recent findings from Cue Health have also indicated it could have the potential to enable testing for other different viruses which include HIV and Zika in the future.

About the providers

Thanks to HHS, Americans have access to sustainable health and human services and medicine, public health, and social services. ASPR seeks to lengthen lives and defend Americans against diseases that threaten their well-being. Together, they have successfully promoted advanced research and development to over-the-counter manufacturing vaccines, medicines, self-diagnostic tools, and non-pharmaceutical items to counter-attack health security threats.

With this self-diagnostic flu testing kit, people suffering from the viruses will know how to determine the magnitude of their cases.