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Telemedicine on Vacation Better than Urgent Care or a Hospital Emergency Room for Minor Medical Conditions

Telemedicine on Vacation Better than Urgent Care or a Hospital Emergency Room for Minor Medical Conditions

The perfect situation for receiving medical care is when you see your doctor in person. However, if your family is away on vacation and one of you falls ill, a telemedicine visit can salvage the vacation for the rest of the household. Telemedicine is usually a substitute to a hospital emergency room or urgent care center for minor medical conditions.

This alternative allows those people on vacation to visit a qualified doctor if they need to address a health dilemma for their children or themselves. Telemedicine, also referred to as remote medical care is a situation where the patient and the health provider are in two different localities connected by a secure video or telephone link.

Univera Healthcare officers predicted that the residents of New York State are expected to use remote medical care over 50,000 times by 2018. The emergence of user-friendly applications for all computerized gadgets, developments in clinical management and many people having health insurance policies that are high-deductible are the primary reasons propelling the remote medical care trend.

Telemedicine services are accessible to anyone, irrespective of having a health insurance or not. However, simple platforms are being established by most health insurance providers to make it easy to arrange for a telemedicine visit. The Univera Healthcare also found that ten medical conditions represented over 2 million annual visits to emergency rooms in the state of New York, and nine out ten appointments could have been avoided or taken care of elsewhere, including a telemedicine appointment.

If you are away from home for a family vacation this summer and one of you falls sick and is in need of medical attention due to minor illness, telemedicine offerings can address most natural conditions and also recommend medication once medically indicated.

Having a simple telemedicine app in your smartphone can salvage your family’s trip this summer. This app will give you access to a certified telemedicine doctor from your place of vacation in case of any medical eventualities.