There has been a recent rise in curiosity of Telemedicine. This is the ability to deliver health care services including clinical information remotely… it includes the capability to do so using telephone media, internet, wireless services or satellite. Many are excited about telemedicine because it gives patients the opportunity to receive medical care without having to travel to meet with a medical professional in person. It is also a cost effective as well as time efficient for the patients.

Telemedicine also gives healthcare providers the ability to bring costs down by allowing care to be centralized, lower the need for capital and for the amount of buildings that are used for medical facilities. This will lower the amount of staff that is needed to have a successful medical business and building.

Telemedicine also gives doctors the chance to consult with other doctors that may be specialist or have more knowledge that are in a different location from where the other is, especially from state to state. This is a very positive attribute because it can bring major and vast improvements to the health status of the patient.

Telemedicine is also good for patients that have been discharged from the hospital, especially in the first few weeks of being discharged. Telemedicine isn’t just good to get a diagnosis or help from a physician, but it can also be setup to read the vital signs of a patient. So while you are at home, you don’t have to worry about anything happening from the effects of whatever issue had you in the hospital. There will be someone available that is able to remotely read your vitals and should an emergency arise they will be able to see the same information as if you were in the hospital. This is great for older patients to have… it will bring down the cost of a hospital stay; they can still have the help that is needed without the worry of high costs of hospitalization.

With the help of telemedicine, more families are able to receive the care and help they need. It saves time, money and you never know when it will save a life.