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Telemedicine Connects Behavioral Health Patients with Healthcare Providers in Alaska’s Denali Wilderness

People who live in certain areas throughout the world have always struggled with getting the medical care and medical attention that they need. Even people who live in cities usually try to make sure that they live relatively close to the hospitals in their cities. Just getting to appointments on a regular basis can be frustrating for people who live in an inconvenient location for an extended period of time.

People who live in places like Alaska’s Denali Wilderness will have to drive miles over country roads in order to get to their doctors. They’re going to have to deal with all of the fluctuations of Alaskan weather in the process, and they’re going to need to make trips like this even during some of the worst moments of their lives. They’re also going to be painfully limited in terms of their options. In some cases, the patients in question might not even bond with their doctors, which is going to leave them at a greater disadvantage. Telemedicine is in the process of changing all of that forever.

It has been demonstrated through research today that tele-behavioral medicine is as effective as approaches to medicine that involve face-to-face communication. Naturally, tele-behavioral medicine is significantly more convenient that traditional methods ever could be, since people don’t even have to leave their homes in order to get the medical attention that they need. Today, telemedicine is becoming increasingly accepted, since even the people who were initially skeptical of the practice are starting to change their minds at last.

This new situation is also significantly more favorable for the doctors themselves, even though they have always had the advantage. Doctors couldn’t just decide to live in rural Alaska if that was what they wanted, since they had to live in a location that was convenient enough for their patients. Today, doctors are now going to get the opportunity to live wherever they want without having to worry about whether or not choosing a particular residence is a sound business decision. Telemedicine is in the process of setting both doctors and patients free forever.