Wasted time is a horrible thought for anyone. You never want to feel like your time has been wasted in any instance and that includes when you are getting medical care. On average Americans spend 19 minutes and 16 seconds to wait to see their doctor. Over the course of years this is extremely tiring and for a lot of Americans they’ve had enough of it.

An IT specialist in Everett, Washington, Elaine Farstad who works at Boeing for example figured out the wages that she makes on an hourly basis and sent her doctor a bill because of the time she had wasted on waiting. While there are some details that many agree on when it comes to the health care industry, there’s one thing for sure… your time is of value and you should never feel like it’s been wasted.

There are some strides that are taking place in the health care industry… they are attempting to reinforce the service quality that you receive along with the experience the patient has. Technology is now become a great factor in helping to make health care easier for people in a lot of different ways.

There have been a lot of great opportunities that have come along with the introduction of telehealth. When it comes to how patients receive care while they are still at work, in their home or even while they are at school, telehealth has played a major role. It doesn’t just lowering the amount of time you have to wait in the doctors office, but it also lowers the stress of trying to get to the office for your appointment and it even saves you money. Not only does it save the patient money, but it also saves the health care system money as well.

In the beginning the use of telehealth was seen by patients that were in rural areas. Now it has grown and patients that are considered to be city-dwellers are using it as well. The CEO of the American Telemedicine Association, Jonathan Linkous, says that about 15 million people in the United States received health care that included telehealth in 2014. That number has an expected growth of 20 million this year.