There exists a potential to reshape the health system by use of telemedicine. The modern society has allowed consumers to access almost everything online which includes healthcare. Telemedicine is a comprehensive type of healthcare. It can be used to enhance the treatment of emergency care patients through its convenience, increased efficiency, and accessibility.

The various incidents where telemedicine comes in handy, especially to patients requiring urgent care include load balancing, satellite, and hub and spoke models. These services are provided by both the government and non-profit oriented organizations who offer some online healthcare facilities for those seeking to expand their telemedicine program.

Telemedicine is both safe and effective for the evaluation of any manageable conditions in the urgent care environment. Furthermore, there exists growing evidence that affirms the audio and video-based intervention for the different acute conditions that manifest in the pediatric care. For example, using telemedicine can make the diagnosis of common severe illnesses much more comfortable than before. Also, patients with trust issues would feel more comfortable being diagnosed online rather than in-person.

The evaluation and consequent treatment of urinary tract infection and sinusitis have also been enhanced using tele-visits where most physicians purpose to offer prescribed antibiotics to their online patients. These means that telemedicine is not any different from one on one diagnosis. There also exists no difference in the number of patients that may be required to make a follow-up to their treatment either online or in-person. These imply that there is a consistency in patients’ satisfaction with telemedicine attributable to the convenience provided as well as the reduced cost of medication.

The urgent care patients can, however, be given the option to either be treated at home or through telemedicine. Alternatively, patients in need of physical emergency rooms are also given the opportunity to choose from one on one treatment or receiving treatment through telemedicine. Indeed the introduction and use of telemedicine for emergency care have helped reduce the average time and money spent on medication.