Telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more physicians are opting to provide telemedicine services to their patients. There are many advantages of telemedicine, and after a recent conference that provided a showcase of the many current telehealth providers in Arizona, it is obvious that telehealth has been a huge success so far.

Of the nearly 250 medical professionals that showed up for the conference, many of them declared how impressed they were with the speakers and the valuable information that they derived from the showcase. The conference also assisted many health care organizations with planning their services for the coming year, which was immensely helpful for them. A majority of those in attendance plan on attending again for the 2015 Telemedicine & Telehealth Showcase. Not only is it interesting to see which health providers are offering telehealth services to their patients, but according to some of the health professionals in attendance, participating in the conference, which is the only one of its kind that they’re aware of, is a great way for doctors, CEOs, and the various other health care providers to collaborate and share ideas and techniques.

Telemedicine is a convenient way for doctors to keep track of their patients progress, especially when it comes to patients with chronic but potentially life-threatening conditions. For instance, the Mayo clinic located in Arizona, has a telestroke program, which enables specialists to track their patients’ progress without the need for the patient to come in for an office visit. This takes providing medical care to a new level, making it easier for doctors to monitor their patients and even determine whether or not an actual visit to the local clinic or even the emergency room is warranted.

Not only is telehealth becoming more popular in Arizona, but it’s becoming more popular throughout the country, and even throughout the world. Patients and doctors alike greatly appreciate this major medical technological advancement that has truly revolutionized healthcare. Telehealth can make it possible for patients from across the world to access the expertise of doctors who they would never have the ability to travel to, which has the ability to save numerous lives.