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Telehealth Diagnoses and Treatment of Top 11 Most Common Ailments Provides Patients Simular Outcome as Face to Face Doctor Visit

We are in the digital era, and the health sector is experiencing rapid technological progress. Modern technology is influencing the ease of accessing medical services. In the case of emergencies or accidents, technology has played a major role in determining how fast and effectively medical practitioners can respond. For instance, LiveHealth Online is virtue video diagnostic and treatment telehealth tool that allows patients to access the services of US-based board- certified doctors via a computers or Smartphone. Launched in 2013 LiveHealth Online provides treatments for patients suffering from minor ailments such as coughs, dermatitis, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, and urinary tract infections among others.

By using LiveHealth Online, you can get your illness diagnosed treated and even be issued with a prescription. Most importantly, patients treated through the LiveHealth online platform are issued with a strict follow-up program to reduce chances of misdiagnosis or treatment failures.

According to a research done by Healthcore Inc, a company that uses real world data to provide clinical scientific expertise and research services to pharmaceutical and biotechnologists to determine comparative effectiveness of the healthcare systems and health economic outcomes, patients who had video visits with doctors via LiveHealth online had fewer hospitalizations and emergency departments’ visits within a 3 weeks period after their LiveHealth online telehealth visits. This was less than those who saw health care providers in urgent care clinics, emergency departments or doctor’s offices.

While Questions have been raised concerning the effectiveness of these services and whether doctors practicing virtually can appropriately treat illness in the absence of physical interaction with their patients, research has calmed the fears. Contrary to many people’s belief, Andrea DeVries, senior author of the study and vice-president of research at Healthcore, observes that telehealth treatments are effective in treating minor ailments especially among people who do not have chronic conditions.

LiveHealth online is the fastest growing telehealth service provider which embraces technology in treatment and evaluation of patients. LiveHealth online gives a chance for treatment and recovery for those patients unable to visit local healthcare providers with ease and urgency they deserve.