During the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic, most world economies shut down. With total lockdowns in place and people staying under quarantine in homes, telehealth gained immense popularity as a means of accessing medical care. It allowed people to see a doctor without having to leave home. Telehealth also brought convenience, allowing people to access healthcare remotely without incurring costly transportation costs to the hospitals.

As much as telehealth is convenient, fast, and a readily available means of securing health care services, the amount of money that medical centers charge has raised eyebrows and many questions among patients. Concerns about the unexpected bills to cover appointments and follow-ups out-of-pocket (even if you have insurance) have been on the rise. The big question is, why is telehealth becoming expensive by the day?

The Happenings

Most insurance companies are rolling back on the covers they provided patients when the pandemic was at its peak. With current uncertainties, insurance providers keep on changing policies, even doing away with some coverage altogether. As a move to cover their interests, medical care providers have to charge extra (regardless of insurance status) as they aren’t sure of reimbursements from insurance carriers.

Most hospitals are also billing the cost of the virtual appointment and teleconferencing, which is typically not part of the insurance coverage. Generally, the high price of telehealth appointments may result from:

  • The time the doctor takes to complete an assignment, with longer works attracting a higher charge
  • The complexity of the case, where complex issues may need extra attention and consequently, more charges
  • The amount of data the doctor reviews, in which a high workload could mean more time explaining the results and more money to pay

Mitigating the High Telehealth Costs

While the high bills may be unavoidable, you can quickly get ahead of the problem by figuring out what services your insurance provider is willing to cover and whether your preferred medical provider accepts insurance coverage for the same services. Check whether your insurance carrier is willing to pay for your virtual visits and all the resulting costs. With this information, you can easily align your visit with a medical center that fully accepts your insurance coverage, and you’ll avoid the extra bills.

The Solution

If you don’t have insurance, or you do, and the cost of telemedicine is so high, the benefits aren’t worth it. Ourdoctor telehealth is an excellent option for those who don’t or do have insurance. You Can have access to telehealth for an affordable price 24/7. To learn more about Ourdoctor telehealth services, visit Ourdoctor.com