Telemedicine usage rose by 1.015% during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a Trilliant Health report, 25.6% of the American population adopted the trend. Women, especially young females from 25 to 40 years, made up to 60% of the Telehealth users during the pandemic.

Men and older women also used telehealth services. However, this group preferred in-person visits, and their number has grown thin following the loosening restriction rules and ability to access physical doctor visits.

The case is different for young females (and has always been). A report posted on the JAMA Network Open, for instance, indicates that women within the ages of 18 to 44 preferred telehealth compared to males and patients within other age groups.

How Patients Used Telehealth Services during the Pandemic

According to the Trilliant Health report, in-person doctor visits subsided from 98.4% pre-pandemic to 70.9% during the COVID-19 peak. Of all the 25.6% percent of Americans who used telemedicine over this period, 46% used telehealth once, 14% attended seven or more virtual appointments, and 80% didn’t go beyond four visits.

Women were the biggest group in every category (single, low, average, high, and super telehealth users). Every patient had a reason for their virtual consultations, but most women sought help with stress and anxiety-related conditions.

Telehealth Beyond the Pandemic

Regulators are debating whether telemedicine should continue post-COVID-19 and at what rate. But, women have tasted and are now reluctant to let go of the convenience that comes with telemedicine.

For instance, women typically have many responsibilities, making it hard to concentrate on their mental health.

Similarly, reports indicate a higher risk of poor health, chronic illnesses, anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders in female caregivers than in other groups. One of the reasons resulting from this, according to most caregivers, is the unavailability of time to dedicate to self-care. With telemedicine it gives more time to focus on ones self. To learn more and how you can get signed up for your first telehealth visit, go to