There are some critical aspects of health care that are changing in the digital age. The costs of doctor and hospital visits have increased exponentially over the last decade and people, may avoid going to the office for this and a host of other reasons. Doctors and health care staff are also looking for ways to assure that patients are getting the services that they need for their illnesses or concerns. Primary care physicians are joining telemedicine provider services to work towards a community of health care professionals who can maintain people’s health in the appropriate forum and level of care.

There are many reasons why I have really enjoyed using telemedicine services for some of my own health conditions. First, I am disabled and the public transportation services that are available in my community are not reliable or easily accessible for me. If I have unscheduled, non-emergency appointments to request medications for a known and chronic problem it can become a crisis quickly if I am unable to connect with my PCP.

As everyone knows, it is close to impossible to see your primary care physicians for semi-emergency issues. Many of my providers have inept staff that answer the phone and I am often cut off at least once in the interaction. I have migraine headaches, get UTIs and have dermatological issues that can all worsen if unable to treat properly. I have been working with my PCP on these issues and have them pretty well maintained.

Well, I went on vacation. During my vacation I had a terrible skin rash from too much sun exposure and my skin was becoming pus-filled and bubbly. I had seen this before, but I did not have that medication anymore. I really did not have good access to hospital care as I was in a very rural area of Alabama.

With this new telemedicine option, I was able to contact my PCP and get the medication for the issue without having to go to the hospital.