View the Secure Medical Prescription Drug Distribution System and Methods Patent Mar 14, 2003 Secure methods of distributing and prescribing prescription medications and related systems significantly increase prescription medication distribution security. Applications of the present invention are particularly useful in prescribing and distributing lifestyle drugs where an actual physical examination is not necessarily required, but are similarly useful for all prescription medications.

There is a group of prescription drugs known in the industry as “lifestyle” drugs which are not necessary for the health of the patient, but may improve the quality of life for the patient. Some examples of lifestyle drugs include, but are not limited to, drugs for weight loss, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, pain relief from arthritis, allergies, herpies, birth control, skin care, smoking, and the like.

Due to the ease by which a customer can receive prescriptions for prescription drugs, many cyber-pharmacies have come under attack for the apparent lack of controls associated with prescriptions and prescription drugs being distributed through cyber-pharmacies.

A system configured according to a particular embodiment of the present invention involves a prescription request kiosk, a prescription request review terminal, a medical information database, and a pharmacy all associated with a prescription distribution system processor.

Particular embodiments of prescriptions of the present invention include a photograph of a prescription requestor on the prescription for added security along with additional follow-up questions to be asked by the pharmacist to the customer. Requestors initiate prescription requests by answering a plurality of questions related specifically to the prescription medications requested.