Telemedicine is something that is new and breaking out in a big way. It has recently been said that telemedicine is something that is taking effect in many areas of the U.S.; with so many people that need medical services and for a reason they can’t get to a doctor or if it’s not convenient for the to get to medical help, telemedicine can come in handy. It’s not just utilized in hospitals… in recent news it’s been brought out that Walgreens will take on the use of telemedicine as well. Walgreens will be offering access to psychiatrists as well as therapists via MDLive Telemedicine… this service will be called Breakthrough.

With there being one in five Americans that suffer from mental health conditions, it is a goal for Walgreens to be able to screen three million people through Breakthrough by the end of 2017; this is a goal that is not only wanted by Walgreens but by Mental Health America as well. The purpose of this service through Walgreens is to expand the options that customers have so they can be able to receive treatment, have screenings and awareness that is easily accessible for them via telemedicine. Receiving treatment this way will not only expand mental health services it will also give access to behavioral health treatment that some may not otherwise be able to have.

Mental health conditions are growing in America; more Americans suffer from mental health conditions than other medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. It has also been seen that patients don’t stay on the prescriptions they have for mental health conditions, so the usage of telemedicine is going to have a large impact and will be able to help make it easier for the adherence of the prescriptions that are given, according to the chief medical officer for Walgreens, Dr. Harry Leider.

Walgreens will offer the access of 1,ooo psychiatrists and therapists via telemedicine in hopes that it will improve mental health treatment. With this being in place, patients and customers will be able to receive around the clock access to physicians should they have questions or concerns about their prescription or about their mental health condition.