Approximately one-third of the total Obamacare enrollees are dissatisfied with the extra money they still have to part with to meet their healthcare needs. This is ironic considering that the Obamacare plan was supposed to make healthcare more affordable to more Americans than other insurance plans such as Medicaid or Medicare.

The findings of a survey by Kaiser family foundation that was released on Thursday show that 37% of the people interviewed are strongly or somewhat dissatisfied with the deductions of their plans. The program requires the consumers to pay for certain treatments or doctor visits before the insurer comes to their rescue.

Research shows that citizens on plans that meet the requirement of the Affordable Care Act complain a lot about costs. The issues they usually complain about include skipping doctors’ visits or having difficulties while paying their medical bills. On the contrary, those in plans that do not comply with the regulation do not have such issues. Therefore, the enrollees of the Obamacare plan are unable to get treatment when they need it due to financial constraints.

The greatest discrepancy was observed when the interviewers inquired whether the respondents failed to fill a prescription because it was too costly. 18% of the consumers who are enrolled in compliant plans responded that they avoided filling a prescription while only 6% of those on non-compliant plans confessed to doing the same.

Fortunately, the dissatisfied consumers can take advantage of the telemedicine services available today to overcome the cost issue. Telemedicine entails receiving a doctor’s services without physically going to a hospital. This is done through the phone or any other media of communication that can enable a patient to communicate with a specialist and have their health needs met. This method is especially suitable when treating communicable diseases, when the patient is not too ill to necessitate specialized treatment or when there is a significant geographical distance between the patient and the doctor. Overall, telemedicine is quite cheap because patients do not have to spend any money on transport or waste time while queuing.