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North Carolina Using Secure and HIPAA Compliant Face to Face Telemedicine Video Chat for Faster Patient Care

Residents of North Carolina now have access to a secure, HIPAA-compliant, medical service – all available from the comfort of their homes. This new telemedical service, called RelyMD, connects patients to doctors through a secure videoconferencing line. Patients are diagnosed, prescribed medicine, and are able to have their prescriptions renewed, all without leaving their house. For those who are very ill, or have mobility challenges, this service is a godsend for medical treatment.

This service was launched three years ago by emergency medical doctor Bobby Park. He now sees patients every day. “It is really convenient especially when you have bad weather, you can’t get to the physician’s office cause they’re closed,” said Park. For those suffering from the flu this winter, yet trapped due to icy and treacherous roads, this is a safe way to receive necessary treatment.

Patients can access the service online through their laptop or desktop, along as they have a webcam, or through an app on their smartphones. Just make sure that you are video-conferencing capable, and you’ll be seeing your virtual doctor in no time.

Patients that have used the service report short wait times, and a comprehensive, yet not lengthy, doctor visit. Sick children were able to be examined in their pajamas, and families didn’t have to brave the snow and ice in order to have urgent care needs to be met. RelyMD is like a twenty-first-century house call.

The process is similar to Facetime, and even physical exams can be conducted with the video capabilities. All transmissions are through a secure website and any conversation or video recording is protected under HIPAA privacy regulations. Many times, the physicians able to give patients clear direction to conduct the exam through the video link.

Doctor service is not covered by insurance, but the prescriptions from the physicians should be covered under your existing insurance plan. Anyone in North Carolina with the technical requirements can access RelyMD. Each patient visit costs $50.