Telemedicine is a new concept in the world of internet but it is developing at a very high speed. Doctors running a virtual medical practice is not simple as it encompasses more than just technology. According to Micheal Nochomovits, MD, chief clinical integration and network development officer at NYP the concept of telemedicine is growing and there is need to come up with a sophisticated approach. The execution of the idea is not as simple as it sounds. According to Micheal Nochomovits, telemedicine started out simple handling common diseases such as coughs and colds but it has been rapidly expanding to handle even more serious diseases. This comes with its own set of challenges.

A telemarketing visit is no ordinary video call and should not be taken lightly since it involves serious medical interaction between the patient and the medical practitioner. There are a few standards that have been put in place by different individuals but there has not been an agreement on the basic standards for which to stick to. It telemedicine is successful, there will be people who will solely depend on telemedicine for income. That will be their career. Their typical day at the office will not involve the traditional way of doing things where the patient has to be physically present in the office. However to make this work there is need to have a set of core competences in place. Medical virtualist is the term they have come up with but it is not set since they are still playing around with the name.

Telemedicine idea is new and some fear that this new technology will be disruptive. While the path ahead is unclear, it would not be wrong to say that it is exciting to see the impact that telemedicine will have on the health care system.