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New York Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan Digital Doctor Visits Using Telemedicine Platform MDLive

The Excellus health insurance is expected to unveil digital doctor visits in different parts of the country. The insurance company which covers 1.5 million in New York expects 50,000 visits to the telehealth service scheduled to be launched soon. Excellus will introduce a telemedicine program come January which will entail MDLive Medical group services. The program will have 800 doctors.

Excellus is excited about the news and expects to receive many calls. If an individual has a minor medical condition, s/he is supposed to see the doctor, but if the doctor is not available, he can offer a telehealth service. Fortunately, if that is not available, other providers like MDLive can provide the telemedicine service successfully and prescribe medication where required.

The program is set for all insured members of Excellus and all plan members. The program will be beneficial to those people under Medicare Advantage too. This program offers consumers more medical choices. Telehealth payments will depend on the amount of every member’s coverage in Excellus. Some members will pay more than others based on whether they have coverage in the insurance company.

Although people need health-care from a doctor, they should also realize that technology is advancing and will have a great impact on the health-care system in New York. The system is affordable for all residents in New York. The program will reduce the many emergencies in hospitals since most of the emergency visits are common conditions such as ear problems, but with telehealth, the situation can be addressed before turning into an emergency.

This program will be introduced as a result of the information gathered after an internal pilot project showed that a lot of their employees were interested in the program. This program is a medical alternative, and it is expected to gain popularity in New York. It will allow people in rural areas to get the medical attention they deserve. It will also be of help to patients who cannot get time to see a doctor due to their occupation or family matters.