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New Telemedicine Retail Medical Clinics Projected to Open in Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Whole Foods

Despite numerous advances in modern medicine, there are still some areas that need improvement. If you have recently been to the emergency room and had to fill out multiple forms while waiting hours to see a doctor, you have seen some of healthcare’s problems firsthand. That’s why there’s now an emphasis on better solutions, such as walk-in clinics and telemedicine.

The Rise of Walk-In Clinics

You’ve probably noticed more walk-in clinics opening within drug stores in major cities. Such clinics are not only less expensive than hospitals, but they also usually post their prices online so patients don’t end up with surprise bills.

Walk-in clinics have been so popular among patients that some large employers now have their own clinics for employees who need treatment for illnesses or injuries. In fact, even some hospitals are seeing the benefits of offering quick, inexpensive care for patients, which is why they have started opening their own clinics within major stores like Walmart and Target.

How Telemedicine Fits In

Telemedicine involves providers offering care virtually, meaning they can diagnose and offer treatment through the phone or internet. Not surprisingly, this type of care is increasingly popular among patients who don’t have the time or money to go to the emergency room or even their doctor for treatment.

And now with the advent of walk-in clinics, telemedicine providers can tell patients to go to the closest location to pick up a prescription or complete lab work for a more thorough diagnosis and treatment process. Walk-in clinics can even serve as great locations for patients to complete follow-up appointments after they get treatment from telehealth providers.

How to Use Walk-In Clinics to Your Advantage

The next time you need treatment for an injury or illness, give a local walk-in clinic a chance to help. As long as you choose a location that offers the services you need and employs staff with the right certification and training, you’ll likely be satisfied with the care you receive at a price you can afford.