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New Telemedicine Companies CareSimple and MDLIVE Via for Online Patient Consultations Customers

Obtaining the services of a doctor has been made easy with the inception of telemedicine. The use of this mode of service delivery is gaining popularity because patients can contact their doctors promptly.

CareSimple and MDLIVE have been awarded online patient consultations accreditations. This award was presented to them by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA). The program has up-to-date registered over 300 organizations since its launch this year with four among them being accredited.

CareSimple is operated and owned by Carena, Inc. The company provides imperative healthcare services for clients all over California and Washington. A group of therapists and doctors providing behavioral and medical health services across multiple states formed an online telemedicine network called MDLIVE.

As stated by the CEO of ATA, consumers in the current world have increased choices to obtain healthcare services. Telemedicine services have been made available for patients on their smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop and even a telephone. The patients have the ability to choose from a wide range of healthcare providers from their convenient place. Telemedicine has enabled consumers to find only the health care providers who follow all the laws and guidelines in the medicine world.

All U.S. healthcare entities providing online consultations directly to patients that meet particular standards are accredited by ATA. The ATA accreditation program enables patients to view pricing in a transparent manner. This telemedicine platform also allows patients to establish the licensing and qualifications of all registered health service providers.

Also, ATA’s program sets certain benchmarks for all online health service providers to build on. These benchmarks act as reassurance for payers who gain confidence knowing that the virtual services are top quality and safe. Both MDLIVE and CareSimple have been certified as legitimate and reliable telemedicine service providers.

ATA comprises of a diverse membership. Members include professionals, medical institutions, and technology and healthcare companies. All these organizations work together to enhance the quality, affordability, and equity in telemedicine healthcare services all over the world.