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More the 50% of Baby Boomers Using Telemedicine, Digital Healthcare Tools and Online Prescription Refills

It is no news that healthcare is getting ever more expensive. Baby boomers have turned to the internet for the solution. Baby boomers are people aged between 51 and 69. Over 60% of baby boomers are using cloud healthcare service Care Cloud to manage and upgrade their health records.

A higher percentage of baby boomers are utilizing these services that their younger counterparts, the Millennials and Generation X. they also have their older counterparts, senior citizens i.e. aged over 70 beat in this regard. They use the cloud-based service, to refill prescriptions and contact health care providers. Baby boomers are really taking advantage of digital healthcare tools.

It seems that they are more concerned about their health even using the services to ask doctors follow up questions. Reviewing your physician online has not taken off as well as the other uses of digital healthcare tools.

All of the places that people search to find a doctor, the website of their health insurer is the one they will probably use. It is a stark contrast to twenty years ago when referrals were the most common way for people to find a doctor. It is a testament to how much the internet has revolutionized the healthcare system.

Though very few, there are those that use social media platforms to find a doctor. Slightly more people utilize doctors’ websites to find other doctors such as specialists. A fair amount of people use search engines results or a review and rating website to find a physician.

The fact that health insurers are the go-to source for finding a doctor is no surprise due to the economic benefits of doing so. Online patient portals rule the modes of communication that patients prefer to use with their physicians.

Millennials will most likely change health care providers in order to use their online resources than any other age group. Online communication between doctors and their patients will continue to grow into the foreseeable future.