Mobile apps are extremely popular… there are so many different companies and sites that have mobile apps that make it extremely helpful for consumers/customers. The popularity of it has grow so much so that Pfizer Inc. has recently introduced a mobile app as well… the purpose of it is to be able to improve the monitoring and coping with depression.

Moodivator, which is what the name of the app will be, will have some great features, one of which is a mood tracker. This will be a simple scale that will allow patients to measure their emotional self-awareness throughout the day. It will also allow them to securely share their results with their family members and even professionals that work in the mental health field.

Patients will also be able to make goals for themselves as well as action plans that are relative to work, family, home and other social activities they may be involved in. This app has been designed to help balance the treatment that a patient will receive… it allows them to track their moods helping them keep a diary style of their mood, set goals the patient wants to meet and the patient will also be able to establish routines… this may help support the patient in their everyday life, according to Pfizer.

Dr. Susan Kornstein was consulted on designing the app; she is a psychiatry professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Dr. Kornstein says the ability for patients to be able to track and export how they are feeling as well as see the progress they’ve made in the goals they’ve set in a way that is easy for them to read is extremely useful; and knowing this can be shared with doctors will help notify them of decisions when it comes to their care. This app will also help patients with some of their therapy techniques especially in the area of cognitive behavior.

The Moodivator is currently available to download in the Apple App store for free. For Android users, there hasn’t been a version developed as of yet.