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Mayo Clinic Telestroke Program Used to Save Stroke Victim Help Remotely Remove Deadly Blood Clot

The medical care landscape is evolving with technology and changing the way practitioners and hospitals conduct business. The Obamacare health care system has changed the everyday practices of hospitals, doctors, and healthcare facilities. One of the most recent testaments to telemedicine involved a Minnesota man that suffered a stroke due to a blood clot in his brain. The rural area he was located in did not have any qualified medical professionals to handle the trauma. The Mayo Clinic’s Telestroke program stepped up, and the man’s life was saved.

Due to Obamacare and its medical restrictions, in an effort to control healthcare costs, telemedicine has become a growing trend to offset the decline of doctors. Telestroke began because of the Mayo Clinic’s response to areas where neurological doctors are in short supply. Telestroke assists highly qualified Neurologists at the Mayo Clinic communicate with doctors and teams via technology, to evaluate patients and consult with regard to providing necessary treatment.

In the case of Mr. Lee, a blood clot lodged in his brain was remotely removed by the Telestroke neurologists at the Mayo Clinic along with the rural hospital surgeons and team. The doctors communicate using digital video cameras, internet telecommunication, robotic telepresence, and other technology. By having prompt expert evaluation, Mr. Lee was able to receive clot-dissolving treatment and procedures to retrieve the clot. Because of telestroke attention, Mr. Lee’s impending death from the stroke was avoided and his recovery for the inevitable disability time was reduced.

The Mayo Clinic hopes to expand its Telestroke program to include more rural communities and into the global medical marketplace as well. Their goal is to reach 200 million patients globally by 2020. They plan to do this through affiliate networking with hospitals through North America and worldwide. The telestroke program will not only cut out of pocket costs to patients, but will help insurance companies keep payments low.

With the implementation of Obamacare, the number of doctors and healthcare professionals by 2020 is expected to dwindle, especially in smaller communities. However, by networking and affiliation with the Mayo Clinic, patients can get efficient and effective care through this world-renowned medical facility via the Telestroke Program.