A business that is not lucrative is one that engages in unlawful web-based pharmacy network that has been dispensing unapproved, unfettered prescription drugs internationally for over a decade.

In accordance with The Hindu Businessline, Mape Advisory Group an investment banking firm is co-financing a new enterprise (“Netmeds”), which is set to get underway this week, from the Group of Companies known as Pradeep Dadha. The new online pharmacy venture from the PDGOC’S pledges a 24hour delivery of medication to any place in India, and Pradeep Dadha expects that by 2020 his company will be worth billions of dollars.

Does the Mape Advisory Group want to put their money in a venture that is engaged in unlawful online drug transactions?

LegitScript’s experience with PDGOC is based from one of its prohibited Internet pharmacy ventures: the InternationDrug Mart group of unlawful web-based pharmacies. Amid its other business ventures, Pradeep Dadha and his business acquaintances have run or supplied medicine for many years to many unscrupulous Internet pharmacies, like internationaldrugmart.com. Test buys by LegitScript have found out that in the past the venture has supplied medication to criminal gangs in Russia like the RX-Partners.

Under the pretext of various companies, counting TDP Healthcare Logistic, TDP Technologies and Global Healthcare Limited, Dadha currently has a substantial presence in the telemedicine world, maybe most noticeably via InternationalDrugMart. LegitScript presently scrutinizes over 90 online illegal websites related to Dadha and his many businesses, with many others being closed through our free of charge registrar notification program or concluded through natural wastage, characteristically then put back with new domain names.

Whatever kind of a fine investment an online pharmacy trade may or may not be, it is rare to see one that affirms part of its company model on failing to conform to pertinent laws and directives as a good bet.

Even though most websites ask for a prescription, LegitScript has in the past ordered prescription-only drugs from InternationalDrugMart without a compelling prescription. Additionally, the medicine was ordered to be shipped to states where Dadha’s “pharmacies” are not fully accredited.

Considering the false PDGOC’S online pharmacies adverts , the telemedicine pharmacy eurodrugstore.eu markets itself via its domain name on top of its web content as pharmacy based in the EU. Parts of its advertising is the reassuring photo of “Dr. J. Kayne, pharmacist,” on their website. The photo of a jovial, welcoming and European like pharmacist is meant to convince the site visitors that Euro Drugstore is EU-based. However, there is no “Dr. J. Kayne, pharmacist” it is just a photo purchased online from Getty Images.

The other issue is the medicine itself, it is offered at cut-rate prices to lure the client into purchasing a “generic” form of drug that is said to proffer a similar result as the genuine brand, however, these drugs are not even permitted to be sold. For instance, Kamagra is presented as sildenafil citrate and claimed to be its generic form. Most countries do not approve Kamagra; thus it is almost impossible to get a prescription. Of greater worry is the sale anti-cancer generic drugs: medication that, if prescribed by a genuine doctor and purchased at an approved pharmacy can save a life, but when bought at a website such as internationaldrugmart.eu it could be a risk, as there is no assurance that the medicine is authentic, or it contains the appropriate dosage.

Dadha operated websites, and his acquaintances like to market themselves as a public service that offers cheaper drugs via telemedicine. However, in the real sense they are just for-profit and do not care about the health risks or repercussions posed by illegal, untested and in some cases fake medications. Moreover, from a financier’s viewpoint, it should be an easy call: putting your money in a venture that is involved in unlawful activities should be seen as a gamble.

The Mape Advisory Group should thoroughly investigate InternationalDrugMart, TDP Healthcare, Pradeep Dadha and associated web-based pharmacies.