Virtual health visits are growing steadily among veterans as patients and providers take advantage of the more streamlined, less expensive telehealth option. Veterans, in particular, are benefitting from telehealth services.
Telehealth is a tool designed to make healthcare more efficient and convenient. Virtual visits can give veterans access to a better healthcare experience, especially those with mobility challenges or those living in remote or rural locations.
Telehealth is a service that connects providers and patients virtually via a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Veterans can have virtual online doctors’ visits, saving time, paperwork, and money for everyone involved.

Veterans new to telehealth can request a consult with their provider or for an a faster telehealth experience to help walk them through the process and answer any questions that come up.
Virtual health visits are similar to how other video calls work, such as a video call with family, but there are some differences.

While virtual visits are becoming more common, it is not likely that a patient’s care would end up being 100% online. Most health providers will want to see veterans in person on a fairly regular basis. This gives providers the ability to oversee the patient’s progress over time and keep tabs on any new symptoms.

Usually, with each case, Veteran Affairs will require routine imaging and lab work, reviewed during the virtual visit. Additionally, a veteran experiencing new symptoms, other additional medical problems, or who is concerned with relapse issues should probably be seen in person.

While some veterans are uncomfortable with virtual visits and prefer to be seen in person by a physician, they still recommend asking about the possibilities of virtual healthcare. This way, they can create a long-term healthcare strategy that will work best for their abilities and needs.

Veterans Can visit to schedule a telehealth visit today!