Recently, a business owner told Hilary Clinton that the cost of health insurance doubled. Needless to say, Clinton was quite dumbfounded by how the premium could have gone up so much. The campaign event in Virginia brought in a number of business owners and individuals alike. Clinton only said that she didn’t understand how her insurance could have doubled when there weren’t any terrible healthcare events that took place.

According to the voter, her insurance plan has a very strict income cut-off that is preventing her from being able to get any of the subsidies available to many other business owners. The same voter said that her own health insurance premiums for the family went up by $500 every month. They went from spending around $400 every month to over $900 per month now. With them struggling just to keep their own insurance in place, it makes it hard to be able to cover the added cost of the insurance for their employees.

Being able to give your employees the benefits they need isn’t at the forefront of your mind. However, you want to be able to keep your employees happy as well. It makes it difficult when the costs are so high to be able to provide benefits to satisfy your employees needs without straining your pocketbook. While Clinton did offer a number of solutions to the problem, she never really got to the heart of the problem to take care of it.

The cost of health insurance is going up in a number of different markets. While it might not be every market, it is a lot of them. Clinton believes that the Affordable Care Act is a major step in the right direction for the majority of Americans. However, they also have to look at the deductibles, premiums, copays and total out-of-pocket costs. Clinton believes that the income cut-offs should be more lenient and the insurance companies should have to explain their rising costs.