Telemedicine device HealthGO is perhaps one of the best tools available today for tracking the health of patients remotely. That is one of the reasons why the HealthGO Mini won a Tadi Award for its design. Manufacturer eDevice also received acknowledgement of its innovative technology and product design investments that help the company’s services to stand out from the rest.

What Can HealthGO Do?

HealthGO is a healthcare care device that is added to an individual’s home. It allows the medical center or doctors to receive information about the patient’s vital signs including oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and even weight. This is done through transmission of this information through the eDevice mobile network, what has been designed to be highly secure. How does it work? HealthGO Mini is able to communicate with Bluetooth or through USB connection from medical sensors. The technology allows for customization such as being able to use it alongside a tablet. This gives the user a simple to use by highly powerful user interface for medical applications including disease management questions.

When discussing the award and the company’s services, the CEO of eDevice, Stephane Schinazi said that the company worked with an award winning designer named Didier Garrigos. They focused first on the product’s design to ensure it was highly effective and met regulatory requirements. The product’s design allows it to be easy to use but also ergonomic. It’s compact and unobtrusive, which means many people, including those who are chronically ill or elderly can still use this form of telemedicine within their home. It blends in with the lifestyle of the user, too, making it a seamless part of their home.

The company is working to further develop new products and, with its collaboration with Garrigos, it is developing everything from the medical platform HealthGO to the WireX network converter. These products are being used in some 150 countries and have reached some 200,000 active products. The company’s ability to develop telemedicine devices has allowed it to reach triple digit growth, according to eDevice. This will continue to spur further development, more hiring, and more advanced technologies in the future.