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Get Online Prescription Medications Anywhere: Walgreens and MDLive Offer Telemedicine Physicians

Once again, Walgreens pushes the perceived limits of healthcare by being the first to offer visits with telemedicine physicians via MDLive. Fifteen years since Walgreens launched its game changing in-store urgent care clinic, the brand is taking healthcare provision a step further by providing app-based consultations with board-certified telemedicine physicians in partnership with MDLive.

Online Prescription Medications: Just the Beginning

Curently offering live chat with pharmacy staff, the Walgreens app will undergo a significant transformation as virtual doctor visits are incorporated into its features. Though still in testing, Walgreens’ mobile app, once outfitted with its new feature, will provide patients with a convenient, cost-effective method of seeing a physician, obtaining a prescription, and filling it at their local Walgreens pharmacy using Android or iOS devices. Walgreens recently announced the feature’s soft launch in California and Michigan, with more states pending.

MDLive Makes Telemedicine Physicians Accessible

Walgreens’ decision to partner with MDLive to offer this unique service shows the company’s commitment to molding the future of healthcare. MDLive, an innovative virtual business specializing in access to telemedicine physicians, is a trusted medical provider that adheres to all HIPAA laws. From a simple mobile app, clients are able to reach telemedicine physicians for online prescription medications at any time, from anywhere.

Virtual Healthcare for Adults and Children

Many acute illnesses can be diagnosed and treated via a virtual platform, and Walgreens’ mobile app is designed to provide access to care for both children and adults. MDLive works with board-certified telemedicine physicians and pediatricians who are knowledgeable about a variety of ailments, from allergies and diarrhea to headaches and respiratory illnesses. Once widely available and adopted, the mobile app will contribute to a reduction of disease transmission, particularly for highly contagious cases of flu or pink eye. Between online prescription medications and handheld access to a physician, patients of every age benefit from quality healthcare at an affordable rate.

Are you excited about the new Walgreens mobile app feature?