What started as the brain child of TV’s Dr. Phil McGraw and his son Jay in 2012, is now beginning to revolutionize telemedicine and paving the way for even more telemedicine apps. Doctor on Demand utilizes the growing use of the portable technology found in tablets and smartphones to provide millions of users with instant access to a wide array of medical specialists.

Instead of having to wait 30 days or more for a traditional doctor’s appointment in-person, users can have instant access to DOD’s network of 1,400 physicians and 300 mental health professionals. For a flat fee, DOD’s network of health care professionals will provide web consultations and 25-minute sessions with professional psychologists.

Doctors on Demand was quietly launched in 2013 and telemedicine took its first steps to becoming the medicine of the future. While developers have discreetly been working out the kinks in the telemedicine app for the last year, DOD has continued to expand in 2014 with the addition of mental health psychologists.

While getting in to see the doctor can take up to a month in many cases, with DOD, users have access to a health care professional within 2 minutes. Which is making an incredible difference in the way people and professionals everywhere look at practicing medicine and mental health.

DOD simplifies the process of going to see the doctor by having you fill out the required medical history, pay the requested fee and detail your symptoms or problems. Investors such as Google, Shasta Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz see this telemedicine app as being the next step in reducing the massive amount of expensive emergency room visits and handling health problems that many people would put off or neglect all-together, which could lead to serious health complications.

Doctors and patients alike are loving the capabilities of this relatively new telemedicine app to reduce the stress of handling insurance and getting in to see the doctor, let alone its ability for doctors to diagnose patients through a virtual platform.