Virtual medical consultations, or telemedicine, are soon going to be offered by Aetna and Apple. With CVS joining in as well, telemedicine is facing a large increase in consumer awareness. Although telemedicine has been around for years, getting the information to customers has been difficult. Now that fortune 500 companies are promoting the service, virtual medical consultations are set to become more normal.

The chief executive of Aetna, Mark Bertolini detailed the plan to incorporate glucose level readings. With technology becoming such an intricate part of everyday life, it is no surprise that medical services are being digitalized as well. Patients having the ability to help themselves at their fingertips is a step towards healthier lives for many. With the ability to connect apps to Bluetooth to get instant readings coupled with a lower cost of healthcare.

Along with lowering the cost of healthcare, patients are now able to be more independent. The technology being introduced has the ability to monitor the patient from home. This means that the CVS, Aetna, and Apple medical merger could allow people to go home and not remain stuck in a clinic or hospital. There is no set in stone apps or technological specifics being mentioned thus far, but this is progression in America’s healthcare system.

This plan sets out to ensure the patient has the independence that they want, while also remaining affordable. A large issue with America’s healthcare system is the amount of money it takes to have any medical procedure or test. Doing it remotely, from home, eliminates some of those costs that traditional medicine incurs.

Telemedicine sets to make leaps and bounds within healthcare. Gaining exposure so that patients can utilize the service has been an obstacle, but that is changing quickly. Providing people with a less expensive, easy access way to medical treatment is groundbreaking.