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Cutting Edge Telemedicine Technology Used to Increase the Speed and Care of Stroke Patients

When a possible stroke patient arrives at Lee Memorial Hospitals acute care centers, time is the most critical component of the live-saving measures the staff will undertake. Stroke is responsible for one out of every nineteen deaths in America. The consequences related to time management for a possible stroke victim could not be more important. Fortunately, today’s physicians, radiology technicians, nurses and hospital staff have the marvel of telemedicine to help speed their diagnoses and implement life-saving procedures faster than ever before.

Every minute is critical when a patient arrives presenting stroke symptoms. They can now undergo a CT scan which provides vital information about their condition, while the emergency room physician contacts the Neurologist on call. Telemedicine makes it possible for the Neurologist to be briefed by the physician about the patient’s condition while never needing to leave his or her office or home. Through teleconferencing, the neurologist is now capable of defining the problem, ascertaining accurate information with real-time questions and answers, and even leading the team virtually.

Through a tele-health cart strategically placed in the room, the neurologist can gain vital information. The technology provides a view of the room and two-way conversation that allows him or her to accurately direct the team for whatever unique situations may present in any specific case. This eliminates the time that is wasted when a neurologist is called, then drives to the hospital from a remote place. That time often has serious consequences for the patient.

This new technology is saving lives. Eliminating unnecessary wasted time during the critical moments when a stroke patient arrives at the emergency department and providing accurate information at light speed wherever the on-call neurologist may be at any given time provides Lee Memorial Hospitals patients with the timely care they deserve. The tele-health cart brings all these health-care specialists, nurses and technicians together in just moments after a patient arrives, providing the best opportunity ever for a full recovery.