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Crowded Emergency Room Visits Increase Due to Obamacare, Telemedicine to Help Alleviate Wait

A visit to the emergency room of a hospital today gives clear evidence of the need for something to reduce the overcrowded conditions. Doctors and staff are facing a unique problem at that level of medical care. This leads not only to overworked doctors but to an inadequate level of patient care.

A recent survey, submitted by the American College of Emergency Physicians, pointed to the Affordable Care Act as being part of the problem. This was declared by the overwhelming majority of members.

When the Affordable Care Act was introduced in 2010, it was supposed to reduce the number of visits to emergency rooms. Time has shown us that it is actually quite the opposite.

Because the Act brought large numbers of patients into Medicaid, and that agency could now cover some of the costs of care, the emergency room became another alternative for people to use for primary care. To add to the problem of overcrowded emergency rooms, is the lack of doctors to provide the care necessary to handle the increased numbers.

Emerging from this problem is a new addition to the kind of service some doctors are offering. They are now doing many things by phone that used to require an office visit. They often are able to diagnose and sometimes prescribe for some of the less serious problems.

This new brand of medical care, offers benefits to patients as well as doctors. When a patient finds it difficult, for various reasons, to see a doctor in person, telemedicine can be a helpful alternative.
MD Plus is one of the companies now offering this service. Physicians are available every day and around the clock. Knowing a service like this is available can be very useful and comforting.

It may be a good idea to investigate these new services so that one can be accessed if the need arises.