A leading innovator in telemedicine technology, Arizona has made many advances in telemedicine that has saved lives, lowered health related expenses and improved outcomes for patients all over the world. Pivotal advances that have come from telemedicine include:

GlobalMed: Recipients of the W.P. Carey Spirit of Enterprise Award for Innovative Leadership in 2012 and an industry leader in telemedicine, telehealth hardware, software, research and design, GlobalMed is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Their transportable exam stations have been used in countries like Chile and the island nation of Cape Verde.

T-MedRobotics: Specializing in robotized tele-echography systems, their robotized system MELODY would become commercialized in 2013 after years of intensive research. Based out of Scottsdale, AZ, their tele-ecography system is showing 90% concordance with a regular echography.

Recognized as an innovator in telemedicine expertise, Arizona telemedicine professionals include over a thousand graduates who have done their training in telemedicine and have worked with affiliate programs like the SouthwestTeleHealthResourceCenter and the Northern Arizona Telemedicine Alliance. Pioneers in their field, these top leaders include:

  • Dr. Ronald S. Weinstein, President and Founding Director, and known as a pioneer in telemedicine, he successfully runs the Arizona Telemedicine Program (ATP). He has completed many publications and received several awards for his work in telemedicine and the development of virtual slide telepathology systems.
  • Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD, Vice Chair of Research in Radiology, she is a Professor at the University of Arizona and works as the Associate Director of Evaluation at the American Telemedicine Association

Arizona telemedicine has also been in the news for the many advances they have been making with successful programs which include:

The Mayo Clinic telestroke program: What started as a trial in 2007 has led to the development of 11 remote sites and networks in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota.

The Banner Health eICU program: This telemedicine program has helped to decrease hospital stays and offer better, more affordable care. Located in Mesa, AZ, the iCare center keeps track of 430 ICU patients from 20 different hospitals located in 5 states. It works successfully in conjunction with the doctors and nurses at their locations.

Telemedicine Training: As Arizona continues to make successful strides in telemedicine, we look for more news in the future on their endeavors. If you’re interested in finding out more about telemedicine school and training, the Arizona Telemedicine Training Program has been running its program now for over 17 years with programs offered in Tucson and Phoenix.

Telemedicine Directory: For more information on Telemedicine providers in your area, be sure to look for the ATP National Telemedicine Telehealth Service Provider Directory that has over 25 telemedicine companies with services offered in Arizona and other areas.