Telemedicine is a practice that could potentially change the lives of millions of people. Telemedicine involves doing the services of doctors at a distance using the benefits of modern information technology. Doctors can diagnose patients today without ever interacting with them personally, especially because some types of diagnoses just require a visual inspection. However, telemedicine services are not currently covered under the majority of private health insurance plans. The new Senate Bill 1363 may be able to change all of that.

Thanks to the Senate Bill 1363, patients will be able to get telemedicine services covered through their private health insurance. The restrictions will no longer be in place, and telemedicine can become part of the normal way in which patients receive medical care. The bill has already managed to pass in the Senate, and now is being evaluated by the House of Representatives.

Many patients are having a difficult time getting the medical care that they need just because it is difficult for them to get to the doctor’s office for whatever reason. They might be suffering from physical or psychological disabilities, thus making the simple act of getting into a car and getting to the doctor challenging for them. They might also not even have access to a car or private transportation in the first place, which is going to stop them from being able to get to a doctor’s office even if they have no other physical or psychological barriers to cross. Some people go without the medical care that they need for years due to the fact that that telemedicine has not been an option for them.

Telemedicine may save the lives of a lot of people who would have gone without medical treatment otherwise. It might also manage to create job opportunities and encourage additional developments in information technology. There are doctors who have reservations about telemedicine for whatever reason. However, there are many other doctors who are in favor of this technological and cultural change.