Holistic Plan Coverage Offered By Priority Health and Blue Cross

Now that Telemedicine has become so popular over the past couple of years, particularly among millennials, both Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Priority Health are rolling out their holistic plans covering medical massage and acupuncture for 2016. This will give patients the option of either in-person physical office visit or the new online Telemedicine option. And, these two companies are actually two of the largest health care insurers in the state of Michigan. Blue Care Network, which is Blue Cross’ HMO subsidiary, offers consumers in every one of the 83 counties in Michigan 44 separate health plans.

This new option is included in the standard HMO offered by Blue Cross. In addition, it is included in Priority Health’s new plan called My Priority Holistic. This plan is currently available as an add-on. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, almost 12 percent of U.S. kids and 38 percent of grown-ups regularly use some type of holistic medicine.

Almost 70 percent of insurance plan enrollees in Michigan will be able to find plans available at a monthly cost of $75 or lower for the premiums after deducting tax credits. In addition, better than 90 percent of consumers who are returning Michigan HealthCare.gov customers have the option of saving an annual $895 in premiums on average.

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, better than 90,000 consumers who live in Michigan have utilized the Health Insurance Marketplace for signing up for their coverage to date. Anyone who does not get signed up for coverage could be risking a $695 penalty plus whatever their out-of-pocket expenses are for any treatment they receive. If that isn’t enough reason to get signed up, the new Telemedicine coverage most certainly should be since it can allow patients to get treatment without going into the doctor’s office.