While many companies look to charity as a means of philanthropic tax-cuts, we here at Secure Medical have a very personal investment in the enrichment of the lives of special needs people.

Many of our own employees here are no stranger to special needs children, and as such we make a personal point to select specific causes we believe in.

The Suzy Foundation was founded by Jaime and Jeremy on the principle that children of all ages and capacities can full fill their wishes and dreams, despite the daily struggles they may encounter. They specialize in providing assistive equipment that is not typically covered under medical insurance. We here at Secure Medical believe in that principle and we strive to support the Suzy Foundation wherever we can.

Our staff here regularly volunteers their time to help enrich the lives of others. Secure Medical is whole-heartedly dedicated to the success of this foundation.

1 in 6 children ages 3-17 has one or more developmental disabilities related to learning, physical ability, language, and behavioral health. Some of these conditions can be lifelong, and some children do grow out them as well. Overall, most children display signs of difficulty or impairment at an early age.

Some symptoms may be manifested through early childhood and during periods of accelerated learning. Many of these children require additional tools and equipment to help them live and prosper in a society that simply doesn’t understand them.

Things like stereotypes, politicization, and the educational processes in the U.S. often lead to most children and parents feeling sidelined or exploited. This is where the Suzy Foundation comes in. By providing a platform by which parents can seek guidance and financial assistance in acquiring the specialized equipment parents need, the Suzy Foundation is helping more and more children bring their aspirations to fruition.

We here at Secure Medical strive to do everything we can to donate to and exemplify such an incredible organization, and we are proud to do so.

Some of us have very personal involvement with this cause. At the time of writing this, just about every single one of our employees is either currently involved in the care of, or working to help teach a child with a developmental condition, or has a family member or friend in that situation. We value the lives of these children as we do our own. We want to watch them succeed in life.

We want to watch them grow and flourish into the amazing people we know they are. We want to push them to be the very best version of themselves that they can be. We believe so strongly in this foundation because we understand the beauty of it.

As a parent that is struggling financially to take care of a special needs individual, having a place that can provide a helping hand, no matter how small, is something to be cherished and celebrated. Secure Medical has donated thousands of hours and money to the Suzy Foundation in an effort to show support and to help these children live a life of love and happiness.

The truth is, these children aren’t just people we know. They’re our brothers, they are sisters and daughters, our sons and cousins. We love them unconditionally and we support them knowing that things don’t come easy to them. We celebrate the little successes and we aim to provide a safe, comfortable environment for them to grow and learn and prosper.

The Suzy Foundation serves as a catalyst to the success of these individuals by helping parents and care-takers obtain basic needs equipment at an affordable cost. If you would like to donate to them, please visit http://www.SuzyFoundation.com