What is the average time a man should last during sex? This is among the most asked sexual performance questions. But the truth is that the average climax and orgasm time depends on numerous factors. It can also vary from time to time.

Please keep reading to learn more about how long a man can reach orgasm and ejaculate.

So, What is the Average Erection Time for Men?

Approximately five to twenty minutes is the average erection time for an average male. And that’s if the person is not on any medications. Age is also a critical factor. However, it helps to note that the average sexual encounter lasts five to seven minutes.

Sex on the Brain

There is no doubt that everyone wants to enjoy sex for longer. However, when it comes to women, some might need over 15 minutes of sexual stimulation to orgasm. But why is that the case?

According to scientific research, biological and psychological factors play a significant role in an individual’s sexual performance. These factors also contribute significantly to the triggering of the brain’s neurotransmitters. And that’s where medically trained professionals in this field may recommend a little help to some sexual partners.

Treating Premature Ejaculation

Treating premature ejaculation is as easy and fast as trying the PE kit or the male enhancement trainer. One of the best features of the PE kit is longevity so that partners can enjoy sex for longer.

You may need an extra boost if you are a man, and a prescription for generic Viagra or Cialis can help. And since ejaculation and orgasm are different, having multiple erections in a single session is possible for some people and impossible for others.

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As mentioned above, it is tricky to pinpoint the exact erection time for men because of the many existing factors. These factors, ranging from psychological to physical, are known to affect an erection’s duration significantly.