San Francisco-based telemedicine provider Doctor on Demand signed a deal with Computerized Screening Inc (CSI), a medical kiosk marker. The deal, signed recently, provides Doctor on Demand the opportunity to use CSI’s Virtual eClinic for patient care.

Thanks to the latest developments in technology that has increasingly seen the rise of virtual reality physicians. Patients are now able to chat online with professionally trained certified doctors via video conferencing services. However, this method isn’t as new as most of you may assume. It had only been overlooked by patients and doctors alike.

Doctor on Demand, according to CIS president Charles Booth, is the best company capable of understanding the needs of consumers. The telemedicine service provider offers the most sought-after key elements in patient care; video conferencing capabilities, highly experienced physicians in Telehealth, and the true doctor on demand protocol.

Moreover, Doctor on Demand, offer pocket-friendly charges per consultation ($40) to corporate sponsors with no monthly fee per employee. According to the medical Kiosk-maker, CSI’s CEO, this is the best offer ever made.

The telemedicine provider, Doctor on Demand, aims to provide easily available high-quality healthcare to patients. The main mission being to solve the problem of accessibility to healthcare while at the same time, aiming to provide affordable health services. How do they solve these problems? Well, Doctors on Demand connect patients to a team of experienced doctors certified to render medical services to patients through video.

Adam Jackson, Doctor on Demand’s CEO, explains on the healthy partnership with CSI viewing it as the best most beneficial deal that’ll render the best healthcare to patients at a larger percentage.

The deal, signed by the telemedicine service provider and medical kiosk-maker, CSI, will allow Doctor on Demand to not only serve a large number of patients but also deliver better and more accurate medical diagnostic information in real time.

No doubt, Doctor on Demand, will grow drastically and meet consumer needs in a short span of time.