Doctor/Patient Private Video Consultation
In 1998, Secure Medical recognized the only form of communication established between the physician and his patient was the telephone and a completed Patient Health Profile.

In 2013, Secure Medical saw the need to increase patient care by giving them the opportunity to connect via video with one of the Physician’s in our network. We have developed and deployed this video feature on a few partner web sites and have supported the technology to ensure fast and clear video connections.

Secure Medical was founded on the basis of connecting the physician with his patient online. We have helped serve the basic and/or complex needs of an evolving dynamic balance of physician and patient.

In keeping with this balance, we have adopted a variety of amendments that supports both patient requirements and the physician awareness for treatment options. The internet has brought us vast amounts of information leading common everyday people with the ability to learn their options to be treated online for non-emergency related medical issues.

Patient safety is our number one primary objective as it leads to protect the integrity of practicing medicine online.

Basic and specific medical questions may trigger possible health issues, so it is important to understand that Secure Medical has always viewed safe, secure and confidential transactions as their primary goals.

Lastly, video consultations are available at no additional charge. Many aspects of your health questions may be answered on a live video with Medical Staff. With your participation, the ease of use with video to discuss your symptoms, treatments and medication choices couldn’t be any simpler once you select the video option during the medical questionnaire process.